A People Betrayed

Grouse Beater

1000 The main tourist square of Gibraltar

Gibraltar, British territory since 1713, doesn’t count itself a ‘corner of a foreign field forever England’. The people are of one mind, furious, incensed, enraged.

They detest the British government for dumping Europe and closing down on its borders. 96% voted to stay in cooperation with Europe. They feel betrayed.

The day after ‘Brexit’ it felt as if “A close relative you loved had died.” (They should have been in Scotland on September 19, 2014.)


Were David Cameron to visit the Rock today he’d probably get lynched. That’s how angry they are. It was quite humbling to listen to the expressions of anger.

The population, whether born there, or chose to live there, see themselves as Gibraltarians, a nation, albeit a small one, now vulnerable to economic stagnation, Spanish blockade, (again), and English xenophobia.

A British protectorate, the naval base much diminished since its early days…

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Writing Tip – POV Switching

A great article on Pints of View in writing.

Eric Lahti

The first book I read that switched between 1st person and 3rd person point of view was Charles Stross’s The Rhesus Chart. At first it was the normal 1st person POV I’d come to expect from Stross, but then there were little bits of 3rd person POV that popped up. It threw me for a moment because it was unexpected, but the POV change was handled skillfully enough that it added a dimension to the narrative rather than pulling me out of the story. In a way, it was more like the chorus in Greek tragedies – those folks that told what was happening when the action on the stage wasn’t happening.

I don’t know if this is a new thing – this hopping between the depth of focus that comes from 1st person narrative to the breadth of knowledge that comes from 3rd person – but it seems to be…

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Indie Authors

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I don’t think I actually mentioned before that I am part of a facebook group called Indie Author Support Group.  They also have a wordpress site and are among the best people, and authors, you could possibly meet.

If you haven’t ye had a look at their site, please do: https://indieauthorsupportanddiscussion.wordpress.com/

They produce anthologies for charity and actively promote their authors, something so many publishers ignore.  More than that, they offer advice and support and have a wonderful record for sharing anything the find successful.

I’ll be doing a fair bit of re-blogging for them over the next while 😀

Imaginary Friends – Silas Payton

A fantastic blog about an excellent author and his books xxx

The Quill Pen Writes

Humour me awhile. I’ll tell you a story of ‘Imaginary Friends’ and in particular, one such friend – Silas Payton. That is what Silas himself would refer to us, the members of the IASD Facebook group, as.

Now, it’s fair to say that I never knew Silas personally but, and here’s the crux of it, within our group I believe it is very possible to ‘feel’ each individual after a period of time, simply by how and what they write. We live in a virtual world, almost literally these days, a world governed by high speed this and super-fast that where everything needs to be done yesterday or for some odd reason, it is too late.

So where does Silas and imaginary friends fit into my ramblings? Well, it’s like this you see… Silas Payton is a brilliant writer, he has a talent for stories and as a…

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It’s that time of year again.  Nanowrimo (National November Writing Month).  I don’t know whether you know about this but its a project to get everyone of their figurative bums an writing.  The aim is to write a novel in a month – specifically November.  They don’t expect anyone to write a final draft in 30 days, simply a first draft.  The site – http://nanowrimo.org/ – offers lots of tips, motivation and a word count tally for you to keep you going over the full 30 days.  It is genuinely one of the most motivational sites for an author – published and unpublished.

I am writing another YA novel, that might also be classed as NA (New Adult).  So far so good.  Whether I decide to publish it or not is another matter but it really isn’t important.  What is important is that it helps you back into writing, gets the creative neurons snapping and kick-starts you onto things you should be doing, instead of procrastinating (which I will freely admit is a real problem for me).

While it has already begun, it’s never too late to join.  You don’t have to complete the story in that time.  You simply have a starting point.

Enjoy 😀

A new website

I’ve added a website to my repertoire. It is http://naroywriter.wix.com/norma

I felt that I needed something a little more rounded. I’ll still be using this site as well, doubling (I hope) my visibility and it will men I have to actually write :p

I’ve been extremely busy recently and hope to be able to give you some news in the next while about my books.

Take car and keep reading 😀

Greek and Roman Mythology – Course – Review

A wonderful topic, a great review.

Library of Erana

Greek and Roman Mythology – Coursera

Greek and Roman mythology is fascinating, in many ways it is at the core of many Western traditional stories.  Even today we are enchanted by such tales of heroes, monsters, errant gods, and the goings on of those far removed and yet ever close. Hercules, Odysseus, the Trojan horse, Oedipus, and much more. The terms have fallen into modern usages – An odyssey denoting an epic journey, a Herculean task, a Trojan horse for a gift which is not all it seems.  Such tales spawned others – and in many ways influence modern heroic fiction.

I’ve studied Classics in the past – although it was more for the historical perspective and so this course really appealed.  I’ve also studied with Coursera – an online organisation which offers courses from a variety of sources, including the University of Pennsylvania who provide this particular course.


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CHAS and cutting off dreads!

CHAS is the only Children’s Hospice Association in Scotland and they do some wonderful work with babies and children who have life-shortening conditions.  They are a very worthwhile cause.  Here is their page if you would like to read more about them: http://www.chas.org.uk/

My husband is cutting off his dreads.  He has spent 6 years growing them and is cutting them off to raise money for this wonderful cause.  We are asking anyone and everyone to pop anything they can spare onto his JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/Brian-MacLennan

We are asking for any amount, as we are aware this is a hard time of year financially speaking for most of us.  Even £1 donations will make a huge difference.  If you are looking to fund a charity or a charity event, please consider this wonderful organisation, and also this event.

Thank you xx