Book 2

The Stone in the Sword is Book 1 in a series called the Kingslayer Series.

Book 2 is due for release shortly and is called The Island of the Mist.  It is set around Ullapool, Ardmair and much of it is on Skye.  This book continues the story of Charlie and his Sidhe (faerie)/human family.

I will confirm an available from date when I know myself, but it should be sometime next week (as long as it is approved on kindle by Amazon) 😀

The Island of the Mist will also be available in paperback n the next few weeks.  This process takes slightly longer.  Again, I will post a date when I know of one myself.

For anyone who has not read the first book, it is available in kindle and paperback formats from Amazon in any country that Amazon ships to globally.  It is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese: The Stone in the Sword

This book’s back cover reads:

“The Old Ones wove the light of the world into that small stone, a part of the primordial fire from whence everything formed. That small stone has the power to end everything as we know it”

16 year old Charlie Larson leaves California for 6 weeks in the Scottish Highlands. Before long he is thrust into a new world of magic, myth and mystical beings where he is the only person who can rescue his kidnapped brother and save the human world!

Taken from Celtic/Scottish lore, this story weaves the modern world into the fabric of the Sidhe (fairy) world in rural Scotland.

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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