Getting There

Writing is in itself a journey.  Many people say that because its true.  You can’t just arrive and have a novel before you.  Its all about learning your story, your characters and putting them together.

I hope everyone had a good New Year and you haven’t had too harsh a winter, it is still pretty cold and we’re now on the first of April!

I have not yet started the third book in the Kingslayer Series yet.  I have been writing another book, for adults this time.  As soon as it is completed I will get back to writing this story.  I jsut needed a break from this world and needed to focus on something else.

My plan is to have book three out by the Summer.  This is the plan.  The plan may have to be changed again but that’s my goal for now.

In the meantime, its still possible to get the first two books on kindle, or in paperback from Amazon and other major outlets.

Cheers for now!


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