Bees are getting the backing they need

Ok so that’s a little odd – the bees are getting the backing they need.  What the heck am I talking about?  I’m talking about th ban the EU has finally put on using neonicotinoid pesticides on any crops that bees might be attracted to.  This is fantastic news!  Bees are vital for our survival – for the survival of all life on earth, if you believe what some scientists are writing.  Without them, we would be in a very sorry state.  You can read more about it at this link: Bees

More than that though, the end of April/beginning of May sees an increase in the number of bees we see around our gardens, in the country, in parks and anywhere there are plants that they love to frequent.  I love the sound of bees flitting among cherry blossom, a choir singing gently.  it’s one of the lovliest sounds in the world.

This time of year literally has me buzzing.  I feel that I have the overload of creative energy that I need to release and at the moment, I want to release it in some form of art – something I never do!  I’m as artistic as a pavement, honestly, but just now, I really want to give collages a go!  Anything that will allow me to express myself freely, without the restraints of just using pencil/paint or photography!

This is the time of May day, Beltain, of the rising of natural personal power and I hope that people will focus this into something positive, hopefully in a way that lets the government know we will not stand for the injustices that are currently happening.  We need to think of a constructive, peaceful way to stand up and be heard.  At the moment, the UK is very much a totalitarian state.  We are being told that anyone who is poor is that way because they want to be, rather than because circumstance has landed them there.  We are being told that disabled people aren’t really unable to work, they’re all lying and other garbage!  Finally, Amnesty international are taking note and will hopefully intervene before more innocent people die of starvation!  This is the state of the UK in 2013 – I’m not talking about Russia post WW2!!!

Injustice is alive and well and we allow it to continue!  Rise up people, make a peaceful stand!

Wishing you all a wonderful May day/Beltain and a fruitful summer!



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