An excellent look at a horrific period in Victorian life!

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Few events have inspired crime and horror writers as much as the Whitechapel murders of 1888. From August to November of that year, the East End of London lived in complete and utter terror. Though there were other murders that year, five in particular were attributed to the hand of one suspect, known only by what was to become his most infamous name: “Jack the Ripper”. It is a name that should strike fear and loathing in even the bravest of people, for the vilest acts were committed by this one person. If, indeed, it was one person.

His victims were all penniless, alcoholic prostitutes, who walked the foggy streets of London’s East End. In order of murder:

Mary Ann “Polly” Nichols: 31st August

Mary Ann Nichols

Mary Ann had gone out on the streets, after an evening of drinking, to earn her lodgings for the night. She was seen by an…

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