Procrastination and Mutual Support

Another day of avoiding the task of beginning a book.  It is always the worst part of writing for me.  Getting something (other than notes) down on paper/computer screen.  Like most people, I use other things as distractions, be it spending hours on the computer, reading (which is really research anyway, honest :o)), watching the play of light on the water and hills across from the house or watching (daytime tv) repeats of Murder She Wrote, with the indelible Angela Lansbury!  Anything is better than staring at a blank screen.  In this case, its the third and final instalment of the Kingslayer series.  I know where I want the story to go but just thinking about how I want it to begin is driving me nuts!

So it is that I come to ponder the whole aspect of supporting other indie writers.  Someone on the Goodreads site mentioned swapping links and I thought this was a great idea.  As indie writers I feel that rather than being competition we are colleagues.  We should be looking out for one another.  And so I would like to share a few links to some of my favourite bloggers.  If you haven’t already found them then please take a look.  Some of the content is not for children, please take note of that.  Most are fine but if you are a parent, please look yourself first and then pass on to your kids if you think they are suitable.  I really hope you enjoy them x

Chris the Story Reading Ape

The Accidental Cootchie Mama

Welcome to my Worlds

How I Exiled my Inner Bitch

Aoife Marie Sheidan

Library of Erana

Alyson Dunlop

Scottish Pilgrim vs the World

Sho’ Nuff Sistuh’s Guide to Organic Gardening

The last 2 are not about writing or books but generally good blogs.  I think this is more than enough just now.  I hope you get the chance to look at some of them and hope you like them.

Take care 😀


4 thoughts on “Procrastination and Mutual Support

  1. I was shocked and immensely pleased that you included my blog on your recommendation list! Although my blog is about gardening, I happen to also write fiction when no one is looking. Academic writing sucked the joy out of writing for me in many ways; the blog is a kind of “act of defiance” that is helping me to recover my love of writing… and is one step I am taking to jump-start a non-academic writing career. Your vote of confidence is an enormous shot of B-12 in my backside. Thank you so very much for it!!

  2. Hi Sho’Nuff,
    You’re very welcome. I love your blog and its vibrant pictures and completely understand that academic writing can suck the joy out of the best of us. Good luck on your creative writing – if your blog is anything to go by you’ll be a great success x

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