Cross-media promotions & Life

Hi folks,

Trying to blog a bit more regularly just now and also trying to promote this blog, my face book page and my twitter page. If you would like to ‘like’ my facebook page, please feel free to do so here:
and this is my twitter page:
My facebook page is especially neglected. I am hooping to get 100 likes soon. I have almost 900 followers on twitter but the facebook page is severely falling behind. Will try to keep up with posts on both accounts, and blog here much more regularly as well. All part of the joys of motherhood 😀

Has anyone ever taken an MOOC course before? I have just started a couple and love them. I am on both Futurelearn and Coursera. Learning not only kick-starts my brain but it also seems to help with writer’s block and seems to free up the creative channels as well. I currently have lots of ideas for my final book in the Kingslayer trilogy (which I did start a long time ago but became blocked), more ideas for the second book of the as yet unnamed adult book (follow-up to The Wolf, the Witch and the Coffin), and another few ideas for another story altogether, which I shall not divulge as of yet.

One of the things I love about writing fiction, and especially fantasy/urban fantasy, is the fact that you are, for the most part, unconstrained in where you go, what you do and who you take along with you for the ride. It can be as dark or brilliant as you want it to be, as psychological or as fluffy as you fancy. There are few rules. As long as the reader can follow you and it makes a semblance of sense to them, you can do as you like (although having basic grammar/spelling etc is helpful).

So, with a few more courses under my belt and a spring in my step, the urge to write is very much upon me. My only constraint at the moment is time. I adore my son more than anything and am so happy to have him in my life. No ifs/ands/ors/buts. This is my time constraint. Once I have fallen into a regular pattern with Noah, then I can set about writing my masterpieces (can you hear the sarcasm in my ‘voice’?). At the moment we are still in the colic and now teething phases (he’s 4 1/2 months old), so establishing a routine has been hard to say the least. I am hopeful that this will happen in the next few months (and I can practically hear some mothers sniggering away at my optimism but I do try to be optimistic) 😀

My intention is to keep you up to date with what is going on maybe throw an extract your way, if I ever get to write one, and generally keep writing.

Noah, aka Son of Krypton (he spent a day on a UV bed while in hospital after birth and had a superman pose to boot) will still be a baby, I am determined, when I get another book out in print – now there’s optimism 😀
N xx


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