On the Eve of the Scottish Independence Referendum

Alyson Dunlop's Blog

10671211_908360105858271_2638490872699865571_n George Square, Glasgow, 17th September 2014. Over 2000 supporters of Independence for Scotland joined together in solidarity.

It’s the eve of the Scottish Independence Referendum September 2014. I want to write down everything I am feeling and thinking right now. This is a historic moment in world history and I am part of it! Never have I been so proud to be a Scot. I have spent months researching and educating people on social media about how important this referendum is to the future of our country.

This afternoon I went along to George Square. Despite what newspaper propaganda would have you believe, there were thousands of people. We filled the entire square, spilling out onto the pavements and across the other sides of each surrounding road.

I’m usually a bit uncomfortable in crowds, but after a few minutes of walking round, taking pictures and talking to a friend I…

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