The Island of the Mist and Halloween

I love this time of year.  I mean really love it.  Autumn is my favourite season.  The scents in the air, the crispness of the atmosphere, the utter array of vibrant colour.  Autumn is simply packed with that last burst of life.

Which contrasts completely with the festival of Halloween, which is all about death and the dead, ancestors, connecting with family, or laughing death in the face, for some people.  I love Halloween because it is all about creativity, about getting dressed up, losing a little inhibition and having fun.  Plus, I am a chocoholic, so that’s always a bonus 😀

my second book in the Kingslayer series has a definite Halloween-y feel to it.  With haunted castles, ghost stories, Sidhe and vampire-like creatures, to name a few ‘ingredients’.  I want to leave a wee excerpt here just for Halloween xxx

‘Neil could feel his son’s panic and knew something was very wrong. He called Dave’s name and all the girls turned to him, their dark hair floating behind them. Each one had blood dripping from her mouth and their heads were tilted at odd angles. Both Charlie and Neil saw that their nails were more claw than fingernail, and their teeth were straight out of a vampire film.

‘You have got to be kidding me!’ Charlie’s jaw dropped. Neil’s did too and an inhuman sound came out from deep inside his chest. He threw his head back and screamed at the sky. The sound could have shattered bone and the girls all wailed in pain, covering their ears.’

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