It’s that time of year again.  Nanowrimo (National November Writing Month).  I don’t know whether you know about this but its a project to get everyone of their figurative bums an writing.  The aim is to write a novel in a month – specifically November.  They don’t expect anyone to write a final draft in 30 days, simply a first draft.  The site – – offers lots of tips, motivation and a word count tally for you to keep you going over the full 30 days.  It is genuinely one of the most motivational sites for an author – published and unpublished.

I am writing another YA novel, that might also be classed as NA (New Adult).  So far so good.  Whether I decide to publish it or not is another matter but it really isn’t important.  What is important is that it helps you back into writing, gets the creative neurons snapping and kick-starts you onto things you should be doing, instead of procrastinating (which I will freely admit is a real problem for me).

While it has already begun, it’s never too late to join.  You don’t have to complete the story in that time.  You simply have a starting point.

Enjoy 😀


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