A People Betrayed

Grouse Beater

1000 The main tourist square of Gibraltar

Gibraltar, British territory since 1713, doesn’t count itself a ‘corner of a foreign field forever England’. The people are of one mind, furious, incensed, enraged.

They detest the British government for dumping Europe and closing down on its borders. 96% voted to stay in cooperation with Europe. They feel betrayed.

The day after ‘Brexit’ it felt as if “A close relative you loved had died.” (They should have been in Scotland on September 19, 2014.)


Were David Cameron to visit the Rock today he’d probably get lynched. That’s how angry they are. It was quite humbling to listen to the expressions of anger.

The population, whether born there, or chose to live there, see themselves as Gibraltarians, a nation, albeit a small one, now vulnerable to economic stagnation, Spanish blockade, (again), and English xenophobia.

A British protectorate, the naval base much diminished since its early days…

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